Celebrities that enjoy gambling

There are lots of well-known celebrities who love gambling in casinos. Sharon Stone is well known for playing poker regularly in casinos. You might do a double take if you saw her in a casino simply because she famously played a gangsters moll in the Martin Scorsese classic ‘Casino’ which is probably the most famous casino film ever made starring legendary actor Robert De Niro.

Stone, like many other A listers, lives in Hollywood. Hollywood is extremely close to Las Vegas, so lots of celebrities make that short trip from Hollywood to Las Vegas to enjoy all it has to offer on a regular basis. She particularly likes going to Caesar’s Palace, the Bellagio and the Palms. Sharon Stone owns a ranch in Australia, so she goes there quite often. When she is in the country, she always makes a visit to the Crown Casino in Melbourne.

Sharon Stone is not the only actress who is good at poker through. Jennifer Tilly and Shannon Elizabeth both take the game very seriously and have been competing in tournaments for years. Shannon Elizabeth was instrumental in the opening of a new dedicated poker room at the Caesars palace casino. This room has been complimented for its design, and many other casinos have taken inspiration from it. Both have taken up poker full time at different points in their careers moving back and forth between acting and gambling as their main source of income and enjoying the ability to do so.

Some celebrities are more successful than others when playing casino games. Tobey McGuire has taken part in many live tournaments over the years too, and his winnings are said to be something in the region of $10 million dollars. Many poker professionals have spoken highly of him, so he is well respected in the casino world.

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