Dexter Season 7 – Episode 4 – Run!

Dexter took out the juiced-up, earring-stealing, antlered hat-wearing manslayer slayer Ray Speltzer after a genuinely freaky two-episode run from actor Matt Gerald.

It was far from straightforward. dexter first got knocked get into an intense brawl in Speltzer’s recreational vehicle, and then, had to flee another one of Speltzer’s off-the-wall mazes, that now enclosed an Ice Truck Killer-esque area packed with mannequins. Later, dexter went back to the graveyard and snuck up on Speltzer. He cracked him within the back of the head with a shovel and brought him to the cemetery’s crematorium, wherever he injured him in the heart with a stake and sent his body into the kitchen appliance.

And Jamie throwing out a number of Harrison’s previous toys, Dexter made the massive step of incinerating his blood slide trophies. “It’s time for everybody to move on,” he said. currently that is progress! despite the fact that LaGuerta still will have that one slide he left at the scene of Travis Marshall’s murder.

In alternative news, the Ukranian mob boss forced one of his average Joe bartenders to shoot himself within the head and take the fall for Anderson’s murder in exchange for a payment to his family. at least they poured him a shot of hard drink first.

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