Dexter Season 7 – Episode 5 – Swim Deep

Lt. LaGuerta is getting down to go on on her look for truth concerning the Bay Harbor Butcher. She’s getting so warm that deb offers to assist and finds herself saving Dexter once she and LaGuerta visit the son of one of Dexter’s victims and deb hides a photograph with Dexter in it!

Dexter visits his boat and realizes someone’s been killed there! After analysis, he realizes it had been Louis and figures out that the Ukranian mob is currently after him. He and Isaak play a dance of who will outsmart who. Dex comes home and realizes Isaak’s in his place therefore he leaves a pretend voicemail causing Isaak to go to a restaurant and so calls Isaak during this safe spot for a game on! Dexter realizes Isaak is after revenge and he lands up keeping Deb safe in a building.

While at a dig website searching for additional of Wayne’s victims, Dex realizes Hannah is not as innocent as she is taking part in. He stays quiet. Why? can there be a romance here?

As dexter leaves the dig site, he notices Isaak following him. Acting quickly, dexter leads Isaak into a bar jam-packed with ukranian enemies! Later, Miami metro is called to the bar however Isaak’s body isn’t one amongst the victims. Isaak lands up in jail for murder and dexter pays him a visit to find out this is not over.

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