Dexter Season 7 – Episode 7 – Chemistry

Well, “Dexter” was certain to come back to this sooner or later. it’s hard for a serial who solely kills serial killers to seek out true love without his homicide Lieutenant sister asking him to kill his new murderer girlfriend. In the final moments of the episode, deb called dexter and demanded that he take justice into his hands once Hannah McKay got away with poisoning Deb’s new beau, crime author Sal price. “It’s you, Dex. you recognize what i am saying? She deserves it. i would like you create it right. Do what you are doing.”

It was a motivating flip for deb, who did not grasp that dexter and Hannah are swapping notes on killing and have graduated from table to regular bed sex. She thought dexter had messed with the blood proof as a result of he was saving Hannah “for his table,” however as we all know, he is protecting her for alternative equally narcissistic reasons. Deb spent much of the episode investigating McKay with value. She had her ex-husband’s body exhumed to envision if it absolutely was poisoned, solely to seek out that that there was no tissue left on the remains as a result of the body wasn’t embalmed — on Hannah’s orders. Their investigation reached a dead end, however deb was pretty sure Price’s theory that McKay was more than Wayne Randall’s supporter had legs.

Her suspicions were confirmed once price dropped dead of a coronary failure in Dexter’s front room, a couple of hours once he interviewed Hannah. price was sensible enough to refuse her possibly poisoned lemonade, however she took advantage of his weakness for chewing on things, and put some undetectable poison on his pen. Deb was ravaged once she saw his body. “I cannot even have a drink with somebody without them dying,” she said, before vowing to make certain Hannah got what she merited. however once her interrogation and tox screening once more established futile, she turned to dexter during a moment of weakness. It was clear from the instant Sal price saw Dexter dropping off Hannah at her flat that he had to go. the same is maybe true for Hannah, however it will not be as straightforward for Dexter to kill Hannah because it was for Hannah to kill price. Still, it looks a lot more like that the code — and his relationship with deb — can win out over his new love.

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