Dexter Season 7 – Episode 9 – Helter Skelter

Musing on the similarities of concern and love, dexter takes an uncomfortable Hannah out on his boat, who professes to not be keen on the water once her father threw her in a lake to show her to swim. She asks dexter if he’d ever felt such worry, however the spoken communication is interrupted by a call from work. Elsewhere, Isaak learns that two trained killers Oleg and Caffrey are on his case, and won’t soften despite their past loyalty to him.

At his flat, dexter finds himself visited by Isaak craving for help in overcoming the two killers, however dexter declines the offer although it settles their blood feud. Unsure of what to try and do with the prospect, dexter heads to the crime scene of a wierd automobile burning, trading barbs with the off-putting combustion investigator who believes the death to be a suicide. dexter additionally tries to comfort deb over her confession, reassuring her that her feelings are fully logical and comprehensible , although he ruins the moment by answering a text from Hannah.

Expecting to search out Hannah, dexter returns home to search out Isaak expecting him, claiming that he’s had Jurg take Hannah into custody to secure Dexter’s help. dexter bluffs initially, brandishing a knife to Isaak’s throat, however ultimately agrees to assist instead of risk hurting Hannah. Isaak preps him that Oleg tends to favor kills with a precision rifle, one he sometimes tests domestically first, whereas the opposite Caffrey sometimes goes sure up close kills. stunned at however calmly dexter adapts to things, Isaak wonders aloud what sort of killer dextral really is.

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