Dexter and the Death Penalty – Stirring the Pot

Dexter MorganFascinating article about Dexter and the ethics of taking the law into one’s own hands, vs the death penalty, written by Sidra Zaidi.

After more than a decade of putting executions on hold in the state of Illinois, the Illinois General Assembly recently voted in favor of officially banning the death penalty. As constituents wait for Governor Pat Quinn to either sign or veto the bill, discussions abound as to whether capital punishment is legitimate and fair. While it may seem like a stretch, Showtime’s most popular series Dexter subtly considers such debates, imparting thought-provoking lessons along the way.

The show tells the story of Dexter Morgan, who has an uncontrollable urge to kill that he vindicates by murdering criminals and vagrants who he believes deserve to die. With airtight DNA evidence on his side, Dexter pursues guilty individuals before the faulty justice system can take action. Morgan is portrayed as a hero, which is why most of the program’s viewers are on his side. But can support for Dexter-style justice translate into advocacy for capital punishment?

After all, even calm and cautious Dexter is capable of making mistakes. In the third season, Dexter accidentally kills an innocent person — an error that possibly alludes to the U.S. Justice System’s own oversight. Since 1973, 138 wrongfully convicted people in 26 states have been released from death row. Twenty of those freed from execution were held in Illinois. And according to the Northwestern University School of Law’s Centre on Wrongful Convictions, there have been 39 cases of capital punishment where there was compelling evidence for appeal or significant uncertainty of guilt. Therefore, if Illinois decides to keep the death penalty, there will always be the slightest chance that an innocent person could be executed, bringing the morality of capital punishment into question — another issue that the Dexter series explores.

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CS Lee Dishes on Dexter

CS Lee Dexter

Associated Press PhotoActor C.S. Lee from “Dexter” participated in a panel discussion at the CBS, Showtime and The CW Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., July 29. Lee visited Stevenson University to meet with students last week.

CS Lee, aka Vince Masuka on the Showtime breakout hit “Dexter” can be goofy, creepy and downright funny all at once.

Even a serial drama needs its comedic moments, CS Lee said. And it’s Lee’s job to provide them in between the grisly killings of vigilante serial killer Dexter Morgan played by Golden Globe nominee Michael C. Hall.

Masuka is a forensics expert with the Miami Police Department. He shares a friendship with Morgan, flirts with his female coworkers and often makes sexual innuendos in inappropriate situations.

It’s a breakthrough role for Lee, 39, who grew up just outside Vancouver, Wash. “Dexter” drew 2.3 million total viewers for its season 5 premiere in September.

During a break in filming, Lee visited Stevenson University’s Greenspring campus Wednesday. Lee is friends with Christopher Reed, an associate professor of film, video and theater at Stevenson. Reed invited him to the campus. Lee led a workshop for acting students. Snow canceled a public question and answer session Thursday, but Lee spoke to the Times via telephone about his quirky character, Hall’s recovery from Hodgkin’s lymphoma last year and the future of “Dexter.”

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Trailer: Michael C Hall in Peep World

Michael C Hall in Peep World

Dexter’s Michael C. Hall leads an ensemble cast in this quirky family comedy/drama about the strained bond between a family after a book divulging their secrets is published. Peep World co-stars Sarah Silverman, Rainn Wilson, Ron Rifkin, Judy Greer and Kate Mara, Peep World was directed by Barry W. Blaustein (Beyond the MatThe Ringer).

The film’s trailer can be seen above. Peep World was first released last year at the Toronto International Film Festival and will arrive in theaters March 25th.

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Michael C. Hall Kept Cancer Battle Quiet From Dexter Cast

Michael C. Hall, who plays serial killer Dexter Morgan on Showtime’s Dexter, kept his lymphoma secret from his fellow cast members for two and a half episodes.

After learning of his Hodgkin’slymphoma diagnosis while shooting the 10th of 12 episodes of the TV series’ fourth season in 2009, Hall felt it was “best at the time” to keep it quiet, he told Metro World News.

“I wanted to get as much information as possible and make as many decisions as possible before I let anyone know about it just so that when I let them know, I could tell them as much as I could and answer as many of the questions they would inevitably have,” Hall, who turned 40 on Feb. 1, told Metro.

Hall underwent treatment and the cancer was in remission by January 2010, and he fully recovered in April 2010.
Hall plays the leading role in the crime drama, which is in its fifth season. He is a blood-spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department who satisfies his dark desires by hunting down and killing criminals in his free time.
Last year, he received a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild award for his role in Dexter, and he was nominated for a SAG Awards for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series this year.
Hall’s family has a history of cancer; when Hall was 11, his father died of prostate cancer at 39 in 1982, according to People.
Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a mostly curable cancer of the immune system, is responsible for 1,320 deaths a year in the United States, according to the National Cancer Institute.

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