Michael C. Hall Reflects On A Crazy Year

MICHAEL C. HALL has reflected on what he called ‘a crazy year’ after he underwent treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

MICHAEL C. HALL, the 40-year-old actor and star of award winning drama series ‘Dexter’ has reflected on a year that saw him battle cancer and announce his separation from wife Jennifer Carpenter, reports USA Today.

The actor, who won numerous honours including a Screen Actors Guild award in 2010, is now said to be fully cured from the disease and speaking at this year’s Golden Globes he said, “It’s been crazy times and a crazy year, but I’m all right”. As well as his health issues, Hall has had to cope with the breakdown of his marriage after his wife Carpenter filed for divorce on 18th December 2010. The documents stated that the pair had been separated since August 2010. The couple, who starred alongside each other in ‘Dexter’, dated for around a year and a half before getting married in January 2009.

MICHAEL C. HALL is set to star in the forthcoming feature film ‘East Fifth Bliss’, which follows the story of a man in his mid-thirties whose life comically unravels after he enters into a relationship with the daughter of a former classmate. The comedy drama also stars Peter Fonda and Sarah Shahi.

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Michael C. Hall: People Finding out Dexter’s Secret ‘Chills Me to the Bone’

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Michael C. Hall is up for a Golden Globe this year, thanks to his sterling work on Dexter. We caught up with him earlier this year at the Showtime party for the Television Critics Association, where he admitted that he takes what happens to Dexter personally.

When asked if he wanted people in Dexter’s live to learn his horrifying secret, Hall immeidiately responded, “Oh, God, no. That’s a horrifying prospect. The prospect of anybody close to Dexter finding out chills me to the bone.”

Hall also said that Dexter becoming a single father has changed how he plays the role. “The father he was in the fourth season is different from the father he’ll struggle to be in the fifth given that he’s now a single dad,” said Hall. “I don’t know, think the show works because it’s imminently relatable and yet it’s a really extreme character in the midst of relatable situations.”

Despite his insight into his character, Hall said he’ll never truly know Dexter. “He’s elusive. That’s the great thing about this job. It’s never boring. He continues to evolve and change,” said Hall.

“It’s beyond anything I ever anticipated in the beginning, where we are now, the story we’re telling now, where the character is, what’s happened in his life and I’m happy with that. I felt like it had to be some sort of movement forward towards some percolating sense of his own humanity, but how that went down, I had no idea.”

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Michael C Hall answers Dexter questions from Twitter

During Michael C Hall’s guest appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, he took some time out to answer fan questions that were previously asked via Twitter. I especially liked hearing him answer the question as to what he has in common with his dark character, as well as the challenges he faced when initially taking on the role.

Lumen didn’t break up Dexter and Deb

I mean, Julia Stiles didn’t breakup Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter!

The Dexter co-starring couple married in 2008, during which time Hall battled and overcame cancer. They have reportedly been separated since August. They officially announced their split a few days ago. Today Carpenter took it to the next level and filed divorce papers. She cited “irreconcilable differences” in the complaint and is asking for spousal support and attorneys fees in the settlement.

It’s been rumored that Stiles, who played Lumen on this past season of Dexter, was the cause of the breakup,

Julia made an official announcement.

“I have absolutely nothing to do with the split between Michael and Jennifer. We are good friends and enjoyed working together. This is a personal matter between them, and we should respect their privacy. Although I too prefer to keep my private life private, I felt compelled to dispel the rumors I was somehow the cause for this matter.”

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I say leave their personal lives alone. My only concern at all is what impact, if any, it will have on the show, considering the closeness of their brother and sister characters. Beyond that, it’s their business.