Julie Benz Speaks Out About Her Gruesome Exit from Dexter

It’s been a full season and then some, since we witnessed Rita’s bloodbath-ending in the Season 4 finale of Dexter, and the subsequent departure of Julie Benz from Dexter. Julie Benz reveals her feelings about being written out of the show and the effect it had on her. JULIE Benz has that rare ability to […] Read more »

Michael C Hall & Sarah Silverman chat about Peep World

If you read closely, there are juicy little tidbits about Season 6 of Dexter. While obviously tight-lipped about any plot/storyline, Michael C Hall does say that the show may skip ahead a bit, due to an older Harrison. He also says the show starts filming next month, and will air mid-October. In the comedy Peep […] Read more »

Dexter Gets Talking

Michael C Hall is an American actor whose television roles include David Fisher in ‘Six Feet Under’ and Dexter Morgan on the showtime series ‘Dexter’ on Star World. Having won a Golden Globe in 2009 and a Screen Actors Guild award for his role in ‘Dexter’, he feels that Dexter’s character is unique and a […] Read more »

Dexter Season 6 Update from Michael C. Hall

(I wouldn’t exactly call this an “Exclusive” as the site advertises, since Hall only answered 2 fairly vague questions about Dexter Season 6, but it’s worth passing on anyway!) What’s Ahead for Dexter Season 6 One television series that continues to be loved by both fans and critics alike season after season is Showtime’s Dexter. […] Read more »