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Dexter on Showtime quickly became my favorite TV series, perhaps of all time. Having always had an interest in the concept of a “serial killer with a conscience” (or in Dexter’s case, Harry’s code), it was as if I had written the pilot myself! (oh how I wish!). I had not even heard of “Darkly Dreaming Dexter”, the book on which the show is based. I’m not sure who’s more talented, the amazing writers who bring us 12 weeks per year of storyline goodness, or Michael C Hall, for his 5 star portrayal of Dexter Morgan. Either way, this show is amazing and I hope it continues on MANY more seasons!

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  1. Dexter says:

    The new season of Dexter is about to begin. Dexter Season 4 on Showtime. Check out all the new information here at the Dexter Season Four Blog

  2. I really like the site, hope to see some posts soon. Meanwhile fans can check out this site to watch dexter episodes online for free!

  3. D-Tab says:

    Holy Shit didn’t see that one coming… Bye Rita!!!

  4. Travina says:

    Okay, just looking for a medium to express my dismay over the season finale. Now Rita was a sweet wife but I felt her character seriously got on my nerves, and have to say I saw her death coming, and of course Dex is getting blamed for it, all the finale’s end with him almost being caught. I can’t wait for next season, as he will be a single father of three and how will he have to time to kill? They need a super hot new nanny or something, and having Deb move in, well that would just be too creepy…………a little fading on some lines…..

  5. xquisitruckus says:

    WOW!!!! I’m pissed and my wife is crying!! Wow…. damn you writers, damn youuuu…..I hate waiting till Sept. to find out what happens. I see many ways it could go, but I still hate the fact that dex lost rita. now his life is just F’ed.

  6. Hey there, found your website doing a search for ‘dexter blog’ on Google. You’ve got a really cool design here but where’s the content? Was hoping to connect with some other Dexter fans. Can’t wait for season 5.

  7. Mike says:

    what is that tall orange instrument in Dexter’s office?

  8. More news – Dexter, season six on the way! Film Redress

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