What you should know about Michael C Hall

What you should know about Michael C Hall

Otherwise known as the Really Really Big Michael C Hall Post Michael C Hall is best known (on this site anyway!) as Dexter Morgan on Showtime’s hit TV show, Dexter. He does a wonderful job bringing the very multi-faceted and fascinating character to life. He does such a good job, that sometimes it’s difficult to […] Read more »

Interview with Daniel Licht – Creepy Dexter music composer

Daniel Licht - Composer of Dexter Music on Showtime

Composer Daniel Licht Talks Silent Hill: Downpour, Dexter, and More The Silent Hill series is one of the few game franchises that is known as much for its music and sound design as it is for its gameplay. Akira Yamaoka’s haunting score is legendary in the gaming world. Fans of the series know the main […] Read more »

Dexter Season 6 – Vitalized and Wanting to Play

Dexter Season 6 - Dexter Wants to Play

Michael C. Hall talks Dexter Season 6 And Peep World. In between the filming of Dexter Season 6, starting next month, Michael C. Hall has an indie movie opening this weekend. Peep World is about a family dealing with one sibling authoring a thinly veiled tell-all book about their problems. Hall plays a frustrated husband who goes […] Read more »