Michael C Hall joins The Dead Circus

This sounds like a really interesting “fictitious” film, complete with Charles Manson and the mysterious death of singer Bobby Fuller in 1966. We just learned that he might become one of The Three Stooges for Bobby and Peter Farrelly’s long-gestating big screen adaptation, but now James Marsden is taking on an even stranger role. Deadline […] Read more »

Michael C Hall & Sarah Silverman chat about Peep World

If you read closely, there are juicy little tidbits about Season 6 of Dexter. While obviously tight-lipped about any plot/storyline, Michael C Hall does say that the show may skip ahead a bit, due to an older Harrison. He also says the show starts filming next month, and will air mid-October. In the comedy Peep […] Read more »

Netflix loses Dexter (streaming)

(From all the sources I’ve read, it appears that Dexter will still be available via Netflix DVD, but will simply no longer be available on their streaming service.) Netflix & Showtime relationship shows strain over Dexter flap As the relationship between television networks and studios and Netflix grows increasingly tense, communication is apparently suffering as […] Read more »

Lumen didn’t break up Dexter and Deb

I mean, Julia Stiles didn’t breakup Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter! The Dexter co-starring couple married in 2008, during which time Hall battled and overcame cancer. They have reportedly been separated since August. They officially announced their split a few days ago. Today Carpenter took it to the next level and filed divorce papers. […] Read more »