Cast of Dexter Streaming on Netflix Now

Where can we find the cast of Dexter? We’re still one long summer away from rejoining the cast of Dexter for Season 6. Michael C Hall and his talented group of co-stars will start filming the new season this month. While we’re excited to find out what murder and mayhem Showtime will have in store […] Read more »

World premiere of East Fifth Bliss, starring Michael C Hall

Red carpet starts Newport Beach Film Festival This year has the world premiere of “East Fifth Bliss,” starring Michael C. Hall, Lucy Liu and Peter Fonda. The red carpet rolls out at Edwards Big Newport Cinemas on Thursday night for the opening of the 2011 Newport Beach Film Festival and the world premiere of “East […] Read more »

Michael C Hall will indulge in some Love, Scotch and Death

Next up for our Dexter star, Michael C Hall, aside from filming the smash hit TV show next month, is his role in Love, Scotch and Death. Vera Farmiga co-stars in this bizzare but interesting sounding film. James Manos Jr, who adapted Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter novels, will make his directorial debut for this film, and […] Read more »