Dexter Season 7 – Episode 3 – Buck the System

After deb spent most of last episode making an attempt to persuade herself she may rehabilitate the serial murderer out of Dexter, she came near seeing his aspect of things in “Buck The System.” As Dexter pushed back against her no-killing-through-smothering-sisterly-love edict, he shoved Harry’s code in her face, making an attempt to influence her that his meticulous ways separate him from the riff-raff of serial killers who do not solely kill alternative serial killers.

Dexter started his sales push by tricking deb into following him to a bar wherever his most up-to-date target — terrific new villain Ray Speltzer — was cruising for his next victim, one of the waitresses at the bar. There, he conferred her along with his theory that Speltzer was close to kill once more, and just about asked for her blessing to kill him before he may do a lot of harm. His sales pitch was easy, however effective: “I thought if I allow you in on my method, you’d see there was some worth to what I do.” Lobbying for her support, he took aim at the unskillfulness of the criminal justice system, a code of laws and procedures deb has invested with her career and total religion in. Dexter argued his case succinctly: “If [the system] worked as well as you think it does, i wouldn’t be so busy,” he needled.

Deb was at once revolted by seeing Dexter in full-stalk mode, however Dexter was unrelentingly artful, and got in her head. “All the murderers I’ve helped you catch … My lizard brain has been your secret weapon all along — you just did not know it,” he said. Before long, she was going to LaGuerta on Dexter’s hunch, enjoying the by-the-book aspect of the Morgan crime-fighting pair. however once LaGuerta rejected her warrant request, deb channeled Dexter and staked out Speltzer’s place herself, wherever she found him close to kill the server in an abandoned house that he’d became a perverse maze, complete with flashing lights and blaring music, and a demonic-looking horn helmet.

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