Dexter Season 7 – Episode 6 – Do the Wrong Thing

Ah, love. Boy meets lady. Boy pursues lady. Boy binds lady to table with wrap so as to stab her to death with an enormous knife… If you’re a follower of man slayer love, then scan on for a spoilerific recap of Dexter Season seven Episode six, “Do the wrong thing.”

The episode opens with Dexter spying on Hannah from afar as he reads a book regarding the murders perpetrated by Hannah’s ex-boyfriend, Wayne Randall. As we learned last episode, Dexter looks to need to make Hannah his next victim, however as Dexter’s father Harry points out, Dexter has no proof that she’s still a killer. Dexter definitely has different things to stress regarding besides Hannah – Isaak Sirko’s feud against him, LaGuerta’s investigation into the Bay Harbor Butcher, and global warming to name a few – however Dexter solely has eyes for Hannah.

So Dexter alters the blood report that established that Hannah participated within the murders alongside Wayne Randall. Then he goes to check Hannah at her flower nursery to show her the altered report as a olive branch and apologize for calling her a killer. He finds her concealing a dead rabbit (she poisons them to keep them from killing her plants). They flirt as Hannah helps Dexter identify a plant. Hannah talks regarding her dead husband and Dexter talks regarding his dead spouse. They’re sort of a match created during a extremely creepy corner of heaven.

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