Dexter Season 7 – Episode 8 – Argentina

For whatever reason, dexter still hasn’t realised that Hannah could be a large deceiver. Or maybe, he simply thinks she’s a deceiver within the same means that he’s a liar—which can be okay somehow. watching Hannah playing house with our hero is downright cringeworthy. If I were dexter, I imagine I’d pass on any of Hannah’s secret seasoning blends. His heart for Hannah leads him to refuse Deb’s request to possess the manslayer on his table—in the standard means, I mean. deb is super pissed. He tells her it’s for Deb’s own good; and it is. however that isn’t the full truth. additional on this to come.

Sirko shakes his police tail and lets George understand that he intends to murder dexter before going back to Kiev. George cautions Sirko that it’s too dangerous, however Isaak insists. Sirko sends a couple of bullets in to Dexter’s favorite donut shop, however to no avail. George calls “back home” to induce permission to require Sirko out. He gets it. Sirko finds himself betrayed and alone, save for Jurg, who remains loyal. Meanwhile, George apologizes to Quinn for not keeping his word in re: Nadia. He needs Quinn to try and do him another favor. Quinn invites George to go fuck himself. Sensible for you, Joey!

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