Dexter Season 7 – Episode 11 – Do You See What I See

The episode started with Dexter enamored, imagining a future with Hannah and considering hanging up his knives after one final cathartic kill that may have brought his murdering days full circle. however his dreams of retirement came crashing down due to the stubborn girls of Miami metro, whose relentless investigations into the Bay Harbor Butcher and Hannah McKay reminded Dexter however absurd and undoable that fantasy is for a person who’s devoted his life to serial killing.

Hannah McKay sealed their relationship’s fate, forcing Dexter to choose sides between his girlfriend and sister after she tried to poison deb with an o.d. of alprazolam. after Arlene Schramm tipped Hannah off that deb had tracked her down to question her concerning the poisoning of a pervy halfway house counselor, Hannah slipped some alprazolam into Deb’s bottle, causing her to pass out behind the wheel. deb crashed her automobile and ended up in hospital, and from the instant Dexter came to go to her, it had been pretty clear that Hannah’s fingerprints were everywhere the accident.

But deb forced Hannah’s hand, too. She was willing to plant proof to implicate Doakes and throw Matthews and LaGuerta off Dexter’s scent, however she simply could not let her brother be proud of his new woman. once Hannah came to her making an attempt to form peace, Deb vowed, “It’s because i love Dexter that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get you behind bars.” in fact, she’s also enamored with him, which is clearly motivating her blood feud against Hannah. within the fight for Dexter’s heart, Deb’s law won out over Hannah’s poison.

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