Dexter Season 8 Episode 10: “Goodbye Miami”

Having made the agreement to move to Argentina with Hannah and Harrison, Dexter has a lot to accomplish before he sets out to make a new life with his new family. He confides in Deb about his plans, but it turns out she isn’t very pleased with what she is hearing and the conversation does not go over well. Turns out that the man Cassie was dating, Oliver Saxon, is in fact Vogel’s son Daniel. Dexter heads to over to Vogel and tells her that Saxon, her son, is very dangerous and she is in desperate need of protection. She tells Dexter that he needs to take a step back and let her deal with this in her own way, but Dexter has no purpose leaving Miami while Saxon still breathes.  Saxon abducts his mother and places her in his killing room, telling her that it is exactly identical to the treatment room that she had placed him in thirty-seven years ago. He wants his mother to assist him in the same way that she has guided Dexter. She agrees to this and tells him she will figure out a way to help and she will speak with Dexter. Meanwhile Quinn advises Jamie that she should at least go to a job interview for a great position at a well-known academy in Atlanta, Georgia. Masuka gets quite the shock and disappointment when his daughter shows up to a crime scene under the influence of drugs.

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