Dexter Season 8 Episode 11: “Monkey in a Box”

Still trying to come to grips of the fact that Dr. Vogel is dead, Dexter wants to finally get rid of Oliver Saxon before he, Hannah and Harrison leave the country for Argentina. He also has a lot of personal loose ends that he needs to tie up, including selling his condo. Saxon show’s up at Dexter’s condo as a prospective buyer and gives Dexter a deal: They stop trying to kill one another and they go their separate ways. Saxon gave his mother a choice between him and Dexter and when she chose Dexter over her own son, that is when he decided to kill her for his own purification purposes. Saxon tells Dexter that if he does not agree to the terms which he has placed in front of him, Saxon will go after Dexter’s family and kill them. Dexter is quite apathetic and having found Saxon’s killing room, Dexter has set a trap for this monstrous murderer. Debra drops by Dexter’s condo with something to eat and begins to give him the rundown on Saxon. Dexter tells his sister to leave because he is “expecting money” but she locks the door and tells him that nothing will get in the way of spending one more night with her brother. Quinn receives the report that the DNA is in fact the proof that Saxon is Vogel’s son. Meanwhile, the U.S. Field Marshal is tailing Deb, quite certain that she will lead him to the whereabouts of Hannah.

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