Dexter Season 8 Episode 12: “Remember the Monsters?”

Dexter has to quickly get into action after Hannah tells him that Elway is staking her out at the airport. Dexter gets Elway out of the way, but in doing so he has inadvertently caused the entire airport to shut down. With a hurricane threatening Miami, Dexter is running out of time and options to get rid of Saxon for good. Dexter soon finds out that Deb has been shot and he races to the hospital to be by her side. He decides to send Hannah and Harrison north to Jacksonville, Florida where they can catch a flight to Argentina. A return trip to the hospital leads to the much needed arrest of Saxon, but it also reveals some very bad news about Debra. Knowing that his actions have caused the death of nearly all the ones he loves and holds dear to his heart, Dexter knows and accepts that there is only one option left for him to take. Dexter throws his sister’s dead body overboard and proceeds to tell his son and Hannah that he loves them. He sets out on his boat directly into the hurricane. Days later a Coast Guard finds remains of Dexter’s boat “Slice of Life” and tells Angel that they believe Dexter perished during the storm. Sitting in a cafe in Argentina, Hannah reads about Dexter’s death. She sheds a tear then goes to get ice cream with Harrison. It ends with Dexter who now has a beard working in a logging community. He walks into his home, sits down and ends the series staring into the camera.

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