Dexter Season 8 Episode 4: “Scar Tissue”

The next killer that Dexter goes after on Vogel’s list is a man named A.J. Yates who was placed in a mental health hospital when he was 15 years of age. Vogel tried desperately to channel Yate’s tendencies as much as she had with Dexter yet was unable to do so and ultimately failed in reforming him. When Dexter comes in contact with Yates, he notices a large scar on his forehead. He is later informed by Vogel that Yates had surgery to remove a brain lesion. Dexter breaks into Yate’s house and finds something of interest within Yate’s closet. Dexter is not alone in the house and it looks like he may be the man they are looking for. Dexter also finds something that will put a strain on his relationship with Vogel. Dexter meets a neighbor of Yates, named Cassie. The police have a victim, Norma Rivera, who Dexter believes was killed by someone close to her or by someone that she knew. Angel demands that Quinn, who has passed his exams, get down and solve this murder case if Quinn ever wants to make the Sergeant position in his police career. Masuka gets an unannounced visitor at the police station. Vogel begins her work with Deb trying to help her with her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and they go and visit the very container in which Deb shot down LaGuerta. It seems as though Deb is making progress, but then doubt sets in.

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