Dexter Season 8 Episode 5: “This Little Piggy”

Dr. Vogel tells Dexter that Deb has become quite mortified when she attempted to kill him. Yet now that she has hit her all time low, things will begin to improve. Dexter isn’t that thrilled with Vogel and Deb and puts all his focus into finding A.J. Yates. However Deb and Dexter have another problem on their plate when Yates kidnaps Vogel, so they set out to her rescue. After rescuing Vogel and impaling Yates with a bedpost, she thanks them both for their heroism. The three of them talk about what had happened and Deb begins to accept the situation. At Metro Police, the cops are still trying to figure out just who the monster is that killed Norma Rivera. She had engaged in sexual activity shortly before her death so they assume who ever she had sex with was also the man who ended her life. They have a man in question, her former employer Ed Hamilton, who had admitted to having sex with her but insisted that she was alive the last time he saw her. Dexter begins to wonder if it was Hamilton’s son, Zach, who took her life from her. Vince Masuka finds out that Nikki is in fact his daughter and surely likes the idea of being a father and everything fatherhood has to offer. Quinn on the other hand warns Vince to be careful who he talks to and any “distant” relatives that begin to come out of the woodwork.

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