Dexter Season 8 Episode 6: “A Little Reflection”

Dexter is sure that it was Zach Hamilton who killed Norma Rivera but he has no solid evidence to really stand on and begins to follow Zach every chance that he gets. Dexter is therefore completely thrown off when he sees Zach enter Dr. Vogel’s office. Vogel admits that Zach Hamilton is a new patient of hers but refuses to talk to Dexter about his case. Batista is under a lot of pressure from Deputy Chief Tom Matthews about making a final decision on who he is going to promote to Sergeant and won’t get off his back until he makes a decision. When Quinn finds out the disappointing truth that he didn’t get the promotion he kicks it into overdrive to solve the Rivera murder case. With Dexter going along with Quinn, it becomes quite apparent to Dexter that Zach is in the process of stalking his next victim, Sofia Fuentes, a cute waitress who works at the country club at which Zach’s family has a membership. Meanwhile, Deb’s boss is on a hunt to prove that his sister’s boyfriend is cheating on her and is going after other women. Deb agrees to set up a sting operation on the man. Dexter heads out on a date with his next door neighbor Cassie. Masuka unfortunately finds out that his newfound daughter might be experiencing financial problems. Dexter begins to feel light headed and dizzy, and that’s when Hannah walks through the door.

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