Dexter Season 8 Episode 7: “Dress Code”

After being unknowingly drugged by Hannah McKay, Dexter regains consciousness in an industrial zone just outside of Miami. He knows for certain that Hannah is responsible for this and she is oddly quite easy to find, which in turn increases Dexter’s growing suspicion. Turns out that Hannah is currently living in the lap of luxury on a yacht with her husband Jacob. She had changed her name to Maggie and confesses to Dexter that she is quite happy now with her new life and husband. Jacob isn’t quite happy knowing that she has met with Dexter and has asked Dexter to help her with her problems. Deb on the other hand tells Vogel that she wants Hannah to be placed under arrest but confesses to Vogel that she knows too much already. Meanwhile, Dexter has agreed to take Zach under his wing and teach him the ins and outs of the Code, much to Dr. Vogel’s pleasure, but he is turning out to be quite the difficult student to teach. Someone close to Dexter has been murdered in the same fashion that Norma was. Due to this fact Dexter is quite sure that it was Zach who committed the crime, he is uncertain whether he will be the kind of teacher that Harry was. Masuka goes out and helps arrange a new job for his daughter so she can finally get out of the financial hole she has put herself in.

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