Dexter Season 8 Episode 9: “Make Your Own Kind of Music”

Dexter has decided that he wants to make a new life for himself with Hannah and Harrison but not before he has dealt with the murderous monster Brain Surgeon. While searching Zach Hamilton’s art studio, Dexter finds blood and a clump of hair underneath a desk. When Dexter takes it in and runs a DNA scan, he comes to find out that the blood belongs to someone who is related to Dr. Vogel. While quite skeptical of his findings he tells Vogel that the Brain Surgeon is somehow related to her. Vogel sits Dexter down and explains that she once had two sons. One of which, Daniel, killed his younger brother. He was placed in a mental institution but died from a fire in the institution when he was only 14. Dexter strongly believes that he survived and quickly has him singled out. Dexter tells Vogel that her son is still alive and Dexter plans on killing Daniel. She admits that she is a bit conflicted with this fact and tries to convince Dexter that Daniel needs a second chance. Dexter goes along with it and asks for assistance in finding him. He finds out that Daniel has been monitoring his mother on her laptop with spyware. Deb begins to have doubts and second thoughts about returning to Miami Metro Police. She has also allowed Hannah, who is now being hunted down by a Federal Marshal, to hide out at her house.

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