Porn Stars Cross Over to Mainstream

Dexter was a very controversial television show in its time. And the tv show stirred up additional controversy when AVN award-winning Milf porn star India Summer made a guest appearance on a singular episode playing a hot police department secretary. India was especially cast since she had to perform in a steamy scene with one of the Dexter stars. Many mainstream actresses do not want to negatively impact their careers by performing in explicit sexual scenes. India also appeared in multiple episodes of the popular motorcycle gang tv series – Sons of Anarchy. It’s rare for a porn star to cross over from peliculas porno to mainstream acting. While Sasha Grey has successfully crossed over to appear in both tv shows and indie films, a mainstream career eludes many hopeful porn starlets. Game of Thrones was one series where several sexy porn stars went mainstream. However, these particular actresses were specifically cast because they had no inhibitions about performing in the nude or performing in simulated sex scenes.

India Summer Porn Star Guest on Dexter TV Show

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