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Once the original Dexter series wrapped up, the Dexter actors looked for new tv or film gigs. The star of Dexter, Michael C. Hall, went “transatlantic.” This means an actor crossed the Atlantic for a project, either going from the U.S. to the U.K. or vice versa. Hall’s transatlantic acting gig was a starring role in a popular limited Netflix series entitled “Safe.” Safe was an unusual tv show in that it was set for eight episodes, period, no second season. This appealed to Hall because he didn’t want a long contractual commitment.

If you’re a horny American guy, do you want to experience transatlantic online encounters? Now you can go transatlantic on Chaturbate with the hottest webcam actresses. Perhaps you are drawn to their sexy English accents. Perhaps you are drawn to their finesse which a lot of American girls lack. Whatever the reason you lust for British vixens, you can check out the British Chaturbate list and see the hottest English roses and posh British birds (translation: birds = chicks.)

The British Chaturbate list features over 50 webcam performers who are active on the site. Details about each live sex model on the list includes their approximate ages, physical descriptions such as hair color and body type, attributes such as big boobs and region of England they hail from, if posted. Hey, horny British guys, this list is also perfect for you! Chaturbate is known for being populated with American, Euro and Asian camgirls, so it can be difficult to locate the British tarts. Now you can indulge in all the UK babes on Chaturbate. Bookmark the list now!

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