Dexter Season 7 Review: Showtime’s Killer Drama Returns

Dexter Season 7 ReviewIf you’re not caught up through Season 6 of Dexter (last season), stop reading now or consider yourself spoiler-warned. As for Season 7, which premieres this Sunday night on Showtime, I’ve seen the first few episodes, and while I will mention a few things about what’s ahead for the serial killer drama, there are no major spoilers. Still, if you don’t want to know anything about the premiere, read no further!

When Season 6 left off, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) was plunging a knife into Travis’ chest, closing out the Doomsday killer arc with the intention of adding another slide to his box. What he hadn’t anticipated was Deb’s (Jennifer Carpenter) arrival. She was on her way to tell him she loved him, but she never got around to doing that because when she got to the church, Dexter was mid-kill. The mask was off and Deb saw the Dark Passenger in the flesh. What’s next? A lot.

Deb learning that Dexter is a serial killer is a huge thing for the series. From what I understand from the books, this nugget of information is revealed to her much sooner in the story, but the show has taken a different path. For six seasons, we’ve seen Dexter work hard to keep his dark passenger hidden from Deb and the police. With that blown to hell, at least when it comes to Deb, we’re left to wonder where the show will go from there. So far, the series has resumed consistent with the two characters involved. Dexter is Dexter and Deb is Deb. He’s a serial killer and she’s a cop to the core who’s conditioned to getting to the truth. She may not have seen what was right in front of her before, but her eyes are open now. So without going into the details of what happens after Deb finds Dexter with Travis, I’ll just say that if you think Dexter’s going to be able to lie his way out of this, think again.

Deb and Dexter’s relationship is about as complicated as it can get for two siblings. They think they know each other, but we know otherwise. Deb learning about Dexter’s secret is a major game-changer for the show, and given that the series had started to show its age in recent years, it’s probably about time to explore this avenue. Not since Rita’s death has something changed so drastically in Dexter’s life, so it’s going to be very exciting to see how this affects the series as much as how it will affect Deb and Dexter’s relationship. From the first few episodes, the start of this transition feels true to the show and the characters. What is clear is that things have changed, and Deb isn’t the only person who Dexter needs to worry about. That last part is a major hint, but I’m not naming names (“names” intentionally pluralized – another hint!) Read more »

Dexter Season 7 – Episode 1 – Are You

The season picked up with Dexter creating a passionate escape to the Miami International airfield, along with his automobile running on empty, all his credit cards obtaining declined and his baggage full of money and passports. more or less it appeared. What gave the impression to viewers to be a fleeting flash in Dexter’s head within the moments when his step-sister deb walked in on him murdering Travis Marshall turned out to be fast-forward to later within the episode. Dexter at first sold-out deb a self-protection story, that Travis attacked him and he snapped, however she’s a trained detective, and eventually began to catch on to the actual fact that his story did not add up. “That still does not justify why he is committed like that,” she determined. He tried to persuade her that his rhetorical skilled instincts kicked in, and she step by step put her gun down as he plead along with her to not call the station and let him hide the crime.

Deb went through a fast method of returning to terms with what she’d seen, cycling through the classic stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and at last acceptance. Mind racing, she grasped at each chance, from Dexter pleading temporary mental illness to getting him an excellent attorney, however he pushed back, mentioning however there isn’t any means he would not lose his job and family before sheepishly suggesting, “Maybe we must always just get rid of the body.” Becoming more confident, Dexter pitches deb a sublime solution: they will cover the murder up as a suicide and burn down the church, taking part in it as Travis Marshall’s final tableau. deb even goes out of her way get the gas. in just a couple of minutes, deb is remodeled from the embodiment of the law to an accessory-after-the-fact.

But Deb’s journey of realization was hardly starting. finding out Dexter’s facial expressions as he explained his theory to the homicide team, brightly manipulating them to urge himself out of hassle, she began to marvel what number of times he might have done this before. however as conflicted as she was, she still distracted the remainder of the team whereas Dexter grabbed a chunk of leftover plastic from Marshall’s charred cadaver, then went before news cameras to publicly declare that Marshall probably committed suicide as a result of he was feeling Miami Metro’s investigation closing in. Later, back at Dexter’s living accommodations, Deb’s wheels were still turning, and she had queries she required answered. She asked Dexter how he was so ready for the kill, and why he aforementioned he knew what he was doing as they were covering up the crime scene. She simply could not bring herself to just accept his story that this was a happening incident, an act of rage or protection.

Dexter Season 6 – Season Finale – This is the Way the World Ends

The show followed Dexter getting away with murder or no matter it would be and no-one asking him the powerful questions! He managed to make it home from the center of the ocean as a result of a ship of immigrants found him and helped him. He killed a person in the presence of them who was making an attempt to rob them so all of them swim to shore. Dexter returns home wallet a billfold or phone. He gets some rest so Jamie reminds him that the Noah’s Ark pageant is later within the day! Dexter gets to work, hears from deb that there is another killing to get to, and once he arrives, he realizes that Travis killed the victims. He turns and appears within the front room where he finds a mural together with his own face as the central figure, ‘The Beast.’ He quickly pounds in that spot the wall therefore the detectives will not see the clue. As he is analyzing the blood splatter, deb is acting weird with him. Obviously, the audience will see she is not certain regarding her new found feelings for her brother, and she quickly excuses herself for Miami metro. In the end, Dexter wraps Travis within the traditional kill plastics and gets in the mind set to kill him within the church. He disputes Travis’ theories concerning God’s plans and tells Travis he’s a ‘father, son and serial murderer.’ Dexter takes out the knife and tells Travis perhaps this (meaning Dexter killing Travis) is God’s set up and therefore the manner Travis’ world ends. Suddenly, deb walks in. Not solely will she catch the oral communication, however she additionally sees Dexter KILL Travis!