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Dexter Season 7 – Season Finale – Surprise, M*th*rf*ck*r

Yes, the title of season finale of Dexter Season 7 is: Surprise M*th*rf*ck*r (without the asterisks). In this thrilling episode, there are many riveting twists and turns. And Doakes, OH Doakes, where have you been, old friend!? What a wonderful surprise to see his return via Dexter’s flashbacks, for the season finale. Though we knew most of the recalled details from Seasons 1 and 2, there were a few tidbits we only speculated before, such as the affair between Doakes and LaGuerta. Though he was a real son of a bitch and not exactly Mr Warm and Fuzzy, we now look back at him with fondness, knowing the truth, that he was never the Bay Harbor Butcher.

And what of Maria? Captain LaGuerta is highly politically motivated and without any sense of scruples when it comes to the politics of her job. She’s ruthless and cunning, when it comes to her career ambitions. However, we all know she did not fit Dexter’s code, and is essentially, a decent cop and person, wanting only to bring justice to her wrongly framed old flame, Doakes. Just as Dexter was faced with a selection last episode between Deb and Hannah, Deb had to form a choice of her own within the finale. With LaGuerta yelling “Put him down!” and “This isn’t who you’re. you are a cop. you are a person. you are not like him,” Dexter put his arms up and invited deb to shoot him to avoid wasting her last shred of innocence. “Do what you gotta do,” he said sedately. however she was in too deep, and selected her brother — and career — over LaGuerta’s life. when she pulled the trigger, deb hurried over to her former rival in a very scene that Jennifer Carpenter apparently improvised, weeping and screaming out “Oh my god” over and once again, in disbelief of what she had simply done. At one point she checked out Dexter and mouthed, “I hate you.”

In retrospect, Deb’s character has been devolving to this purpose all season, and her co-dependent relationship with Dexter finally got the best of her. She has been steady sliding towards her brother’s twisted code since the Season seven premiere, once she helped him burn down the church where he killed Travis Marshall. She’s planted proof, lied and coated his tracks. Shooting LaGuerta capped Deb’s tragic descent into Dexter’s freakish and homicidal world. Now she’s simply another criminal, and not even the vigilante kind. Hanging on Dexter’s arm back at the holiday party, she looked fully dazed. Hopefully she had taken a alprazolam. By the way, why didn’t have they have blood on them at the party? And while we’re at it, how was Dexter able to inject and abduct Estrada in broad daylight at a public park while not being seen? however did Hannah, who had simply been charged with murder, simply walk out of the hospital?

So now there are two women, besides Deb, walking around and knowing Dexter’s dark secrets. I was surprised Hannah didn’t turn on Dexter. I guess it was true love after all. I was not very fond of her character, though the chemistry was pretty hot from the moment he met Hannah. One wonders if she will pop up again, considering she is now on the run as a fugitive of the law.

Now that we’ve wrapped up another season, it’s time to reflect on where the show now stands. In stark contrast to all previous seasons, this particular one has been a very different ride. From the very first episode of Season 7, Dexter’s secret was finally known to Deb. After years of waiting, anticipating and so many close calls and teases, she finally meets his Dark Passenger, face to face, as he stood with knife in hand in the church. The rest of the season had a very unique flavor. Some was satisfying, knowing Dexter could be himself around his sister, and yet sometimes very uncomfortably, seeing how bringing Deb, accidentally, into his world, has caused her so much inner turmoil. By the end of the episode, we see it has also put her in legal jeopardy, let alone possibly losing her job she’s fought so hard to succeed in. Deb is annoying, cusses too much and has no idea how to control her emotions, and yet at the very heart of her, is a good-hearted person. I cannot imagine where this next and last season will take us.

As much as I don’t want to see this show ever end, they definitely appear to be preparing for it, wrapping up in a neat little package, all the secrets starting to unravel. In some ways, like the expected death of a loved one, it will be a relief to see it come to a close. If for no other reason, than nothing good can come out of the current circumstances surrounding both Dexter and Deb. Or can it? The show has certainly packed many punches and surprises, twists and turns before, so what Season 8 has to offer, we will have to wait yet another 10 months to find out.

Dexter Season 7 – Episode 11 – Do You See What I See

The episode started with Dexter enamored, imagining a future with Hannah and considering hanging up his knives after one final cathartic kill that may have brought his murdering days full circle. however his dreams of retirement came crashing down due to the stubborn girls of Miami metro, whose relentless investigations into the Bay Harbor Butcher and Hannah McKay reminded Dexter however absurd and undoable that fantasy is for a person who’s devoted his life to serial killing.

Hannah McKay sealed their relationship’s fate, forcing Dexter to choose sides between his girlfriend and sister after she tried to poison deb with an o.d. of alprazolam. after Arlene Schramm tipped Hannah off that deb had tracked her down to question her concerning the poisoning of a pervy halfway house counselor, Hannah slipped some alprazolam into Deb’s bottle, causing her to pass out behind the wheel. deb crashed her automobile and ended up in hospital, and from the instant Dexter came to go to her, it had been pretty clear that Hannah’s fingerprints were everywhere the accident.

But deb forced Hannah’s hand, too. She was willing to plant proof to implicate Doakes and throw Matthews and LaGuerta off Dexter’s scent, however she simply could not let her brother be proud of his new woman. once Hannah came to her making an attempt to form peace, Deb vowed, “It’s because i love Dexter that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get you behind bars.” in fact, she’s also enamored with him, which is clearly motivating her blood feud against Hannah. within the fight for Dexter’s heart, Deb’s law won out over Hannah’s poison.

Dexter Season 7 – Episode 10 – The Dark Whatever

Dexter goes to Hannah’s and he tells her concerning his Dark rider. She tells him that the rider doesn’t control him, he controls it. He tells her that he’s compelled to kill partly due to it. there’s a knock at the door that they ignore then Dexter sees a person trying in the window. it’s Hannah’s father Clint and she isn’t happy to see him. He was in jail for check fraud and it’s been an extended time since she has seen him. He tells her he is there to take responsibility for his actions. He doesn’t need her forgiveness, however he tells her that he loves her and continuously will. He provides her a dollhouse she had as a child that he remodeled and refurbished. it’s terribly nice. He and Dexter unload it and he leaves. Things are clearly cold between Hannah (who her father calls banana) and her father. She tells Dexter that he meant well, however this was a terrible gift. She explains that once she was a child he took her with him on a visit, put her in a chamber and disappeared for three days whereas he played poker then he came back and gave her this dollhouse therefore it simply reminds her of how dangerous a father he was.

In a meeting Bosso provides Debra and her team a profile of the outlaw they’re after. Dexter realizes that he would possibly as well be describing himself. There aren’t several leads. This outlaw has killed seven folks in two weeks. Debra needs to induce him before he gets eight. Masuka sees Dexter texting Hannah and congratulates him. Dexter finds out everybody within the workplace he is he’s dating her. whereas Masuka thinks it rocks, Batista tells him to use caution and Quinn says she is so hot he ought to use caution of getting burned. Debra isn’t happy regarding his relationship with her going public.