Dexter Season 6 Update from Michael C. Hall

(I wouldn’t exactly call this an “Exclusive” as the site advertises, since Hall only answered 2 fairly vague questions about Dexter Season 6, but it’s worth passing on anyway!) What’s Ahead for Dexter Season 6 One television series that continues to be loved by both fans and critics alike season after season is Showtime’s Dexter. […] Read more »

Trailer: Michael C Hall in Peep World

Michael C Hall in Peep World Dexter’s Michael C. Hall leads an ensemble cast in this quirky family comedy/drama about the strained bond between a family after a book divulging their secrets is published. Peep World co-stars Sarah Silverman, Rainn Wilson, Ron Rifkin, Judy Greer and Kate Mara, Peep World was directed by Barry W. Blaustein […] Read more »

Michael C. Hall Kept Cancer Battle Quiet From Dexter Cast

Michael C. Hall, who plays serial killer Dexter Morgan on Showtime’s Dexter, kept his lymphoma secret from his fellow cast members for two and a half episodes. After learning of his Hodgkin’slymphoma diagnosis while shooting the 10th of 12 episodes of the TV series’ fourth season in 2009, Hall felt it was “best at the time” to keep it […] Read more »