Aimee Garcia – New Nanny on Dexter Season 6

Dexter Season 6 – Dexter Gets A New Nanny

Well, they did say a hot little latina number will be one of the three new characters for Dexter Season 6. They also mentioned Dexter *may* get a new love interest. It would seem that both are wrapped up in the same little package, with the announcement of Aimee Garcia to the show. This follows the previous announcements of Colin Hanks and Mos Def, who have also landed significant roles on Dexter Season 6.

Out with the old and in with the young. Dexter Morgan has hired a new nanny that will help take care of his young son Harrison throughout the Showtime show’s sixth season, replacing Maria Doyle Kennedy as Sonya.Joining Dexter as the new hired help is actress Aimee Garcia playing Jamie, the younger sister of Dexter’s coworker Angel Batista. What are the odds that Jamie sees or finds something she wasn’t supposed to? What would surely make “Hell break loose.”

Fresh off the cancellation of ABC’s Off the Map, TVLine reports that Dexter has recruited Map star Aimee Garcia for a new role in the coming season as baby Harrison’s new nanny Jamie, and none other than Angel Batista’s sister herself!  Could there be romance in the air, amidst all the blood spatter?  After Lumen left (and thank Harry she did), we know Dexter doesn’t mind getting down a bit in the wake of his wife’s murder. Oh, and don’t worry about Dexter’s former nanny Sonya, as the report points out “sources confirm she either got fired, quit, or died.”  Hmm.  Alright then.

With the roundup of new blood announced so far, it’s going to be a very interesting Dexter Season 6!

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  1. R. Williams says:

    OMG!!!! Nooooooooo! I’m so sad that Sonya won’t be on Dexter any longer. I loved the way she played as nanny Sonya and baby Harrison took to her so well. The only reason I started to watch Dexter is because Maria Doyle Kennedy joined the cast!!! She’s my favorite actress. And now she’s gone. :’-( I hope the next season will be just as great, Maria Doyle Kennedy’s presence will be missed (litterally, I mean really literally). At least you guys could tell us what happened to Dexter’s nanny?! Did she get fired? Did she see something she was not supposed to see? Did she finally get tired of Debra’s attitude? Did something happen to her? What could they possibly take MDK off Dexter for.

    • Lilia says:

      Did you really only start watching Dexter cause of Sonya? Cause she was barley in the show, only for a couple of epsiodes. I’ve loved Dexter since the beginning and i believe sonya only came around in season 4 so you should watch all the previous seasons as well, and im excited to see Jamie as the new nanny and to see what happens between her and dexter! I’m so pumped for season 6!!

  2. Drake says:

    Season four and five were such letdowns from the first three seasons. But after watching the first episode of season 6, I can’t believe how low the producers can stoop.


    How can they offer this piece of CRAP to us??????

    There was NO mystery, NO tension, NO PLOT,

    NO SHOW!!!!!!

    This is the worst piece of CRAP I have ever seen!!!!!

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