Michael C Hall answers Dexter questions from Twitter

During Michael C Hall’s guest appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, he took some time out to answer fan questions that were previously asked via Twitter. I especially liked hearing him answer the question as to what he has in common with his dark character, as well as the challenges he faced when initially […] Read more »

Michael C Hall talks about the success of Dexter

Michael expresses his amazement at the wild popularity of Dexter and gives a little backstory as to how the show came to be. “Who’da thunk it?” … I concur, Mr Hall. Jimmy Fallon admits he has yet to watch the Season 4 finale, still steaming mad that somebody spoiled the ending for him before it […] Read more »

Dexter meets Glee, let the musical mashups begin!

I did not see this one coming! Though most of my own TV show preferences are of the dramatic type , I love Glee! I really hope this happens, how fun! ‘Dexter’: Michael C. Hall open to ‘Glee,’ ‘performs ‘Christmas Carol’ (video) When you are appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, more often than with […] Read more »